Plain Color Tumblr Themes

  • M-Bone: Nothing for boys quite so effete as Moe, but when you look at the most popular mainstream US boy (and manchild) culture – Nolan’s Batman (rich white man violates civil liberties and takes the law into his own hands amid social and moral decay – Batman is now the Tea Party superhero), 300 (Eugenics and killing brown people is cool! Our slaves let us enjoy FREEDOM!), and the shoot an Afghani, Iraqi, Russian, North Korean in the head and fist pump first person shooter genre (while calling people “fag” over a headset), or GTA (where the water cooler conversation becomes about how far you got the hooker’s broken body to catapult off the windshield of your car), and a dose of Moe actually seems quite needed.
  • W. David MARX: God I hope that we don’t live in a world where moe — a completely reactionary aesthetic that wishes for a dream world where women never grow up, become actual adults with free will, and become vaguely intimidating to men — is the only hope for battling America’s worst fascist, violent instincts.